Business Law

Brooks & Carpenter is a law practice based in Sacramento and focused on business clients in Northern California. Established in 1999, the practice has advised companies and individuals in a wide-range of business, corporate, financial transactions and bankruptcy matters. Brooks & Carpenter offer professional legal services in the following areas:

Business Formation and Counsel

We advise clients in creation, pre-formation and development of corporations, LLCs and partnerships. Our attorneys counsel clients in the strategic alliances and joint ventures, planning, development, business operations, dissolution and bankruptcy of partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.

Business Transactions

We assist individual, partnership and corporate clients with commercial buy-sell transactions, debt management, lender negotiations, sales growth strategies, equipment and real property leasing and finance, labor and employment issues including collective bargaining agreements. We advise clients with business and shareholder buy-sell transactions.

Corporate Governance

Our attorneys advise shareholders, directors and officers in executive compensation, equity incentive plans, and general matters of corporate governance. We advise clients on matters of asset protection, shareholder protection from corporate liability, ease of operations and achieving desired results.


We assist clients identify the advantages and disadvantages of buying or selling an established business. We also represent individuals and corporations with business mergers, acquisitions of business assets including equipment, accounts receivable, other tangible and intangible assets.

Professional Practice Sales

We assist doctors, dentists, accountants, chiropractors and other professional clients with selling a professional practice and we represent purchasers interested in purchasing a professional practice. Our advice and legal services have included structuring the acquisition, patient measurement and valuation, financial terms and conditions, contingency management and succession planning.

Commercial Finance and Secured Lending

We have found, negotiated and documented commercial transactions including raising capital, personal and commercial loans, private securities offerings, secured lending and unsecured loans, asset based transactions, and venture capital investment with banks and other commercial lenders.

Protection of Intellectual Property

We assist clients with protection of their trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets thorough non-disclosure, confidential information and trade secrets and technology licensing agreements with consultants, employees and corporate executives.

Succession Planning

Our attorneys integrate business concerns and individual interests together to provide a comprehensive package of legal services we call a ‘succession plan’…because a ‘plan’ for the future success of the company is essential.

We represent family-owned businesses, privately held companies and professional corporations in matters concerning business succession, future business planning, and wealth preservation. The relationship among current and future owners, employees, and the next generation of managers is critical to the long term success of the business. We strive to facilitate productive dialogue and build consensus among the various participants in the transition of the company. Our goal is to help clients achieve their economic goals and ensure business continuity.

Franchise Representation

We have represented franchisors with offering franchises for sale in California and the franchisors qualification to sell franchises in other states. We have also assisted franchisees and purchasers with evaluation of the franchise opportunity, research of the franchisor, and negotiating terms and conditions of the franchise agreement.

Conflict Resolution and Disputes.

We represent clients in a variety of business disputes that involve partners, shareholders, lenders, competitors, opportunists and a variety of other business participants. Our priority is to find alternatives and propose actions to keep the dispute out of court, where litigation costs may quickly exceed $100,000.

Business Bankruptcy

We have represented numerous directors, officers and other business clients and rendered legal advice in personal and business bankruptcy transactions, asset protection and pre-bankruptcy workout proceedings. We advise our business clients on structured work-outs, reorganizations, asset sales and liquidations.

Client Reviews
I would recommend this law firm to my family and friends. Marc and Alma have done a fantastic job making me feel at ease thru this whole process. Both have taken the time to go over all the aspects of my case and answered all my questions. They took a tremendously stressful time in my life and made this a simple and easy process. I am so thankful for both of their assistance. B.P.
Thank you and your staff for all the personal assistance. Appreciated.
Best Regards
I so appreciate your expertise and all the ways you guided me through bankruptcy. The whole process was nerve wracking and I know I asked too many questions. Some of the same questions over & over…but you kept responding & advising me. I'm relieved and graceful it's over. Thanks so much! To You
Candace Brooks took care of our situation from start to finish and eased the stress of our situation. Her communications were endless and when we went to a hearing, she was the only attorney there that was prepared. Anonymous
Candace was well versed and experienced as far as BK is concerned. She provided everything. Anonymous