Creditor Harassment

The known record for the number of creditor calls from one creditor, in one day, to one of our clients, is 15 calls--that is more than one per hour.

In most cases of consumer bankruptcies, the calls must take place during reasonable hours generally defined as 8am to 6pm. Unfortunately, the established boundaries for reasonable calling times are frequently exceeded because these calls made by unreasonable and overaggressive people--or agencies.

The experience of the clients of Brooks & Carpenter has been that once you have retained an attorney, the calls will be directed to our office--we will confirm representation--and about 90-100% of the calls will stop.

Once your Bankruptcy Petition has been filed with the Bankruptcy Court, the automatic stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Law will apply, Brooks & Carpenter will provide a bankruptcy file number to the creditors and all calls must stop or be in violation of the United States Bankruptcy Law. Any calls that do not stop will be dealt with by the attorneys at Brooks & Carpenter.

You will need an experienced bankruptcy attorney to fight for your rights when you file Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy attorneys at the Brooks & Carpenter law firm are some of the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys you will find. We meet personally with all clients and we prepare all documents and personally represent you in all proceedings from beginning to the end.

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