It's wonderful working with this very professional office. Atty. Candace Brooks has been so informative in helping us understanding the process and great thank you to the office staff Alma who was a great help. Would highly recommend this office.

- Lorenzo A.

We've worked with Brooks & Carpenter for approximately ten years. The areas that they have assisted us with include partnership questions/buy outs, contracts and other legal matters. Our interaction with Marc Carpenter has always been extremely professional and he always gets right to the point of the issue. With some other law firms I've felt that they would drag on and on in order to rack up the billable hours, but Marc understands that we are small and will often give me the answers I need during the first or second call. He also returns calls and emails very promptly. I believe that Brooks & Carpenter practice law for the love of the law and business. Marc is very easy to talk to... he doesn't judge or ridicule. It's like having a really, really smart best business friend who cares about your success and is always there when you need him.

- Jeanette J.

I was looking for an attorney to represent me and I called the office of Brooks and Carpenter and made a appointment. When I met Candance Brooks, she was very pleasant and a kind. She me feel very at ease and explained the entire process to me and kept informed and updated through out the process. Alma, her assistant called me to make sure that I had all documentation needed prior my meetings. Alma is very kind and professional. I am very pleased with the work that they provided and continue to provide.

- Maggie T.

Candace took an extremely stressful situation and made it ease. She was not only very knowledgeable but also so very easy to speak with, which made the process so much nicer to go through.

- M.L.

Candace Brooks is kind, respectful knowledgeable and experience and she put our minds at ease, reducing our stress! She exceeded our expectations! She provided what we needed throughout the process!

- Melody

I was able to talk to Candace almost immediately and able to get an appt with her right away to get this matter settled. She started working on it right away and the whole process is going smoothly.

- Theresa

I learned a lot about bankruptcy from this attorney. She made it very easy to understand and I appreciate her a lot.

- N.D.O

Candace Brooks is very professional, very kind and someone you feel very comfortable to talk to about your situation. One on one interview about my situation. Candace gave me her direct phone number to contact her anytime. She gave me literature and a time frame about the process.

- Elizabeth

She answered my many questions and she gave me a clear direction to go in to prepare for bankruptcy. I feel I have someone on my team now and a better understanding of the process.

- Michelle A.A.

Candace Brooks took care of our situation from start to finish and eased the stress of our situation. Her communications were endless and when we went to a hearing, she was the only attorney there that was prepared.

- Diana

She was great to work with, very professional and supportive. I didn't have any negative experiences at all. Her legal assistant was also very helpful.

- Shaunna

I would recommend this law firm to my family and friends. Marc and Alma have done a fantastic job making me feel at ease thru this whole process. Both have taken the time to go over all the aspects of my case and answered all my questions. They took a tremendously stressful time in my life and made this a simple and easy process. I am so thankful for both of their assistance.

- B.P.

Thank you and your staff for all the personal assistance. Appreciated.
Best Regards

- P.P.

I so appreciate your expertise and all the ways you guided me through bankruptcy. The whole process was nerve wracking and I know I asked too many questions. Some of the same questions over & over…but you kept responding & advising me. I'm relieved and graceful it's over. Thanks so much! To You

- K.S.

Candace Brooks took care of our situation from start to finish and eased the stress of our situation. Her communications were endless and when we went to a hearing, she was the only attorney there that was prepared.

- Anonymous

Candace was well versed and experienced as far as BK is concerned. She provided everything.

- Anonymous

Candace was extremely helpful, professional and explained everything thoroughly.

- Anonymous